Editorial Cartoon by Jansen Wong

Nothing has changed since last year’s state of the nation as the same fascist, oppressive, and ruthless regime has “governed” the Philippines further into disaster: stunted education system, dwindling food and resources, militarized COVID-19 response, incompetent leaders, and a dipping economy. This is president Rodrigo Duterte’s last State of the Nation Address (SONA) and he has done nothing but break the promises of change and progress he made before the Filipino people.

Never walking the talk seems to be the only thing that Duterte is consistent at. In his 2020 SONA, Duterte assured that the vaccine for COVID-19 is…

Kyla Javier

After months filled with anxieties and uncertainties of many aspiring Iskos and Iskas, the results of the University of the Philippines College Admissions were released yesterday, July 15. Considering the slow vaccine rollout and overall government incompetence, it is likely that the next batch of freshmen will enter the university through remote learning. No Zoom meeting nor Google classroom will give you the feeling of being in campus, so here is a list of what’s missing in the College of Science (CS) freshie experience:

1. The UPCAT Experience

My memory of the UPCAT is still vivid even if…

Opinion | Beatrice Panlaqui

Editor’s note: Article was originally published in print from ‘Scientia Vol. 26 Issue №1 (The Nature Issue)’

REUSABLE, ORGANIC, FAIR TRADE, 100% plastic-free, paperless, zero waste. With increasing global tensions about climate change and pollution, more and more people are subscribing to “environmentally friendly” practices promoted by conscious consumerism movements which, more often than not, only repurpose environmentalist sentiment into commodities such as metal straws, reusable cups, and tote bags. Although these efforts are well-meaning and admirable on the part of the consumer, individualized strategies combating worldwide problems are not enough to create significant change. …

Features | Laurice Angeles

Graphics by Deitro Dazo

“I assure you that everything is safe in our country.” Hearing this from a determined and temperate man, the country’s leader no less, is reassuring to his countless supporters and hopeful constituents as the COVID-19 pandemic started ensuing. Amidst criticism, he assured, “Have faith in the government. We will do our very best.” This is President Rodrigo Duterte’s world-famous leadership style — making promise after promise as the Philippines’ pandemic situation progresses into a likely disaster.

Early on, Department of Health (DOH) Secretary Francisco Duque III urged Filipinos to “stay calm and remain vigilant.” Indeed, there…

Opinion | Jericho James Natividad and Dionn Marie Pacot

Editorial Art by Ramone Tumonong

As much as Ferdinand Marcos’s kin and supporters try to salvage his narrative these days by falsely perpetuating how “successful” the Philippines was under his administration, these tragically-woven fictional Facebook posts just cannot bury the truth, let alone the trauma of activists, students, journalists, and other Filipinos. Even though most of these stories happened during the martial law period, the terror of Marcos began way before then. In fact, these instances of state-sanctioned abuse and corruption sparked the Diliman Commune.

Five decades ago, on the first of February…

Feature | Clarissa Torio and Kyla Carmea Javier

Graphics by Rob Hermosa

Struggle is not new to the field of science — the work involved to finish studies, defend theses, and anything else to obtain a degree and employment needs to be accompanied with unending determination and confidence. More than that, scientists have to fight for recognition and visibility, which poses a heavier task for minorities and those restricted by gender barriers.

As a way to uplift the LGBTQ+ community in the sciences, UP Diliman graduate Jason Tan Liwag has been moved to establish Queer Scientists PH which he now manages with two of…


(TRIGGER WARNING: violence, murder, death)

Bang. Bang. Bang, These were not the sounds of the bamboo cannon that Sonya Gregorio and her son Frank Anthony had ignited to welcome the fast approaching Christmas celebration.

In a video recording of the incident, Sonya and her son were shown sitting down, posing no threat to the policeman Jonel Nuezca or his daughter who was also in the scene. Sonya responded to the policeman’s young daughter, who was antagonizing her, with what could be described — at worst — as sarcasm. …

Opinyon | Reign Bañares

Dibuho ni MC

Likas na matanong ang mga bata. Tila ba punong-puno ng bighani ang kanilang mga mata sa bagong mundong natututunan pa lamang nilang tuklasin. Kaya naman sa mga magulang, isang tinik ang tanong na “paano ako ginawa?” o “paano ako naging tao?” kung saan ang ensayadong sagot ay “gawa ka sa pagmamahal ng magulang mo”.

Bilang indibidwal na nasa hanay ng agham, maraming simple at angkop na paliwanag para rito. …


Editorial Cartoon by Ramone Tumonong

Typhoons Rolly and Ulysses were devastating tropical cyclones that claimed 32 casualties (26 dead and 6 missing), cost over ₱17.9 billion, and forced people into packed evacuation centers in the midst of a global pandemic. In response, local companies and student organizations mobilized to conduct donation drives for the victims of the storm’s onslaught; CNN Philippines even started a thread to signal boost these initiatives. Of course, the Duterte administration could not pass up the chance to ruin this heartwarming moment.

Lorraine T. Badoy, the spokesperson for the military’s National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC)…


Editorial Cartoon by Jansen Wong

“Hinarang kami ng napakaraming lalaki dito. Maraming lalaking naka-armado. Andito na si Unsay, sinampal niya ako.” These were the last words Datu Esmael “Toto” Mangudadatu ever heard his wife Genalin say over a phone call on November 23, 2009. He called again, even trying to contact his sisters who had accompanied her to file Datu Toto’s certificate of candidacy for his Gubernatorial bid, but these efforts all proved futile. The next time he saw her, it was at a funeral home — the Ampatuans’ men had riddled her body with bullets. Genalin was not the only victim. …


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